Go Green!

Go Green!

Go Green!


Go Green! is a pilot project of Nordic Pharma Switzerland GmbH, which was launched in Switzerland in April 2020.

For a long time now, we have been dealing with the issues of climate and recycling at many different levels of the company. In order to make a contribution. Nordic Pharma is taking this new path and offering doctors, pharmacists and patients to join in, so that the materials of the used Nordimet® PEN are given a second live cycle.

How is Nordimet® Go Green! working?


  • Nordimet® has been prescribed for you personally and can not be given to anyone else.
  • Read the package leaflet carefully before using the medicine. For more information on the correct use of Nordimet®, visit the site www.nordimet.de

Collect Nordimet® PEN

  • You have received a Go Green! recycling envelope from your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Please fill it with 12 used Nordimet® PENs, sorted on edge, which will fit exactly in one envelope.

Go Green!

  • The recycling envelope is already prepaid and pre-addressed.
  • Close the envelope and drop it in the yellow letter box.

New Go Green! recycling envelope

  • Order now a new, empty Go Green! recycling envelope directly from your doctor or pharmacist or contact us directly by mail at info.ch@nordicpharma.com
  • We will also be happy to send you further information on the Go Green! pilot project.